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Heraclitus Award is presented to Sherry Burks who exemplifies what it means to be the ONE.

Meet Sherry Burks. It's important that in a world where people are asking "what's in it for me" that we take the time to let world know there are people out there like Ms. Sherry.

Of every 100

10 shouldn’t even be here

80 are just targets

9 are the real fighters and we are lucky to have them

For they make the battle.

Ah, But the One, One is a Warrior

And He will bring the others back.

-Heraclitus 500 B.C.

The above poem is attributed to being approximately 2700 years old, yet remains as applicable as ever. In any organization there is a rang e of individuals involved. In Long Term Care, the current climate of staffing issues coupled with the modern coronavirus can at times create a battlefield without hope. It is during these tough times where we find an example of The One.

For outstanding devotion to her profession and the residents of South Hampton Nursing and Rehabilitation, exemplified by her willingness and example set forth to work the COVID unit during the onset of a COVID outbreak that began August 3rd 2021 and ended August 23rd 2021. Mrs. Burkes volunteered to work full time in the unit as a CNA providing the closest care to COVID positive residents.

"She put others above herself, asking me to allow her to take care of them the entire time the unit is up, that they were her residents, that she loved them and they deserved to be taken care of. She then thanked me for the opportunity to work the unit. This without any knowledge or request of any additional benefit. She exemplifies what it means to be the One. As long as there are individuals willing to do the hard work, to sacrifice we will make it through. This award is proudly presented to Mrs. Burkes. May others be inspired by her, just as I have."

–Donnie Lowe, Administrator South Hampton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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