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When looking for the best care for your loved one, look no further than South Hampton Nursing & Rehab. As the premier skilled nursing facility and rehab center in Hampton Cove, we provide reliable and compassionate care. For hospice care in Owens Cross Roads, AL, we have a variety of team members and services to meet your needs.

Hospice Care

When someone is experiencing a life-limiting illness, it can be challenging. Hospice care helps to ease the experience and helps the person live as comfortably as possible. Hospice care consists of a variety of services and care that help improve the quality of life of those with advanced illnesses. Caretakers deliver care compassionately and professionally.

How Hospice Care Works

Someone who is dealing with a life-limiting diagnosis has a variety of needs. Our hospice team is made up of a variety of professionals, including:

  • Nurses and aides

  • Nurse practitioners and physicians

  • Social workers

  • Volunteers

  • Chaplains

  • Counselors


As opposed to treating the illness, our care team works together to provide services that manage the symptoms and provide comfort to the patient. With 24-hour care available, the patient’s every need is tended to.


Hospice care consists of a variety of services. Palliative care helps manage pain and symptoms. It is also available if the patient needs additional medical care in a healthcare facility for a period of time.


Hospice care centers around the patient and the family. Regular meetings are held, so family members are kept apprised about what is going on and understand what to expect. These meetings may also include therapy sessions in which anyone can share feelings and get stress relief and support.


For patients who currently have a family member or friend acting as a caretaker, hospice care can also be used for respite. This gives the caretaker a break to go on a short vacation, attend an event or enjoy a night out.


South Hampton Nursing & Rehab is the facility to choose when hospice care is needed. It has the best caring staff and facilities to provide day and night care for the patient. It also offers bereavement counseling for the family.

Call for Further Information About Hospice Care

Many do not want to think about hospice care, and there are often many questions. Contact South Hampton Nursing & Rehab to find out more about hospice services and how their team provides compassionate care for loved ones.

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