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Respite Care in Owens Cross Roads, AL



When it comes to taking care of family members, it is important to find a nursing facility that has a professional and caring staff. South Hampton Nursing & Rehab is a compassionate and reliable facility that provides a variety of services in the Hampton Cove area. When looking for nursing, hospice or respite care in Owens Cross Roads, AL, we are the best option.


Respite Care for Caretakers

There are many people who provide assistance and care for those who are suffering from an illness or injury. These services are invaluable, but there are times in which caretakers need a break. Respite care provides temporary rest for caretakers so the patient continues to receive uninterrupted care in the safe and comfortable environment of South Hampton Nursing & Rehab.


Benefits of Respite Care

Taking care of another’s needs can take a physical and emotional toll. Getting a break can be refreshing, and it also strengthens the ability of the caretaker to provide the best care possible. Respite care allows a caretaker to take off and relax or spend time with friends. Longer respite care allows for vacations or a well-deserved break.


Respite care is beneficial for both the caretaker and the patient. The caretaker can rest assured knowing the patient is getting compassionate care by a competent provider. The patient gets the care and attention they need while interacting with someone experienced and attentive.


How Respite Care Works

Respite care is available for a wide range of conditions. These include life-limiting illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, cancer and disabilities.


The type of respite care can vary greatly, and it is flexible. The family can choose the type of care needed, and this may be something minor, or it may be more comprehensive care. Some of the services available include:

  • Personal care such as bathing, feeding, dressing, and grooming

  • Companionship like going for a walk, talking or playing games

  • Skilled care services for medical needs


Respite care is often planned in advance, but it is also available for emergencies and unexpected situations. South Hampton Nursing & Rehab is able to provide all of these respite care services with our caring staff and facilities.


Contact South Hampton Nursing & Rehab

As a caretaker, you deserve a break to destress and rest up. Respite care is available for a specified or indefinite period of time. To put your loved ones in the hands of caring and experienced staff, call South Hampton Nursing & Rehab to find out how they can help.

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