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At South Hampton Nursing and Rehab, we understand how important your loved ones are. We are a reliable and experienced center that delivers compassionate care. Whether it is long term care or rehabilitation, we provide a variety of services for our residents in a caring manner.


Long Term Care

We know that it can be hard to make the transition from home to a long term care residence, and we do our best to provide a warm environment with a focus on home-like comforts. Enjoy daily fresh-cooked meals as well as private dining for special events and family gatherings.

Our center provides a wealth of events to support the emotional, social, and religious needs of our residents. Make new friends while engaging in social activities or attending one of our many community events. We also have regular religious services.

For those who need more care, our staff is available at all hours for daily tasks such as medication disbursement, feeding, and personal care needs. We also provide different types of therapy and psychological support. Family members can rest assured their loved ones are receiving top-notch care in a compassionate and enriching environment.


Short Term Care

Not everyone needs or wants long term care, and our facility provides around-the-clock care for those suffering from temporary health issues. We are a good option for those who have been released by the hospital but are not quite ready to go home and take care of themselves.

We deliver 24-hour care to help guests recover from injuries or illnesses. We offer pain management, wound care services, nutritional management, IV therapy and management for chronic diseases. We also offer occupational, physical and speech therapy to help patients get back to their regular activities as quickly as possible.


Rehabilitation Center

Certain injuries and situations require additional help to get people back on their feet. Our rehabilitation center provides a variety of services to assist these patients. Each guest has a personalized plan and is guided and monitored throughout the process. Rehab may consist of physical, speech and/or occupational therapy.


Hospice/Respite Care

We offer services to help those who qualify for hospice care. Patients who have a life-limiting illness require compassionate and sometimes 24-hour care. Family members can be assured their loved ones are treated with respect and dignity.

For those who currently have a caregiver, we also offer respite care. Providing palliative care can take a toll, and we can cover for vacations and other needed breaks.


Contact Us Today For More Information

No matter what type of care someone needs, South Hampton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at the Cove is a smart choice. Contact us for further information.

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